Ironman Mont Tremblant

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ironman Mont Tremblant 2016 - The Run

Goal:  4:45
Reality:  5:15

The run is where I've always had problems and I think it boils down to nutrition on the bike and lack of nutrition on the run.  Doing some quick math, during the swim I burned about 1,500 calories and 3,400 calories on the bike.  For breakfast I drank two bottles of Boost Plus Calories (360 calories each) and a PBJ (275 calories).  One the bike I drank 4 (out of 6) servings of Infinit (250 calories each) and two gels.  So at the start of the marathon, I had burned 4,900 calories and consumed about 2,200 calories for a deficit of 2,500 calories.  I already threw up on the bike and was starting the marathon with a bloated stomach.

Running out of the change tent and into the pouring rain, I felt a little better than last year where I was able to run to the first aid station (about 500 meters away) when I had to start walking because of the scorching heat.  This year I was able to run to the Old Village of Mont Tremblant (4 km).  I ran with one guy who had done 13 Ironman all over the world.  We were running at a 5:45 min/km pace.  I couldn't keep up and started walking for a bit until I caught my breath.  Once on the trail, I continued  running with a bloated stomach until I decided it was time to throw up.  After that, I felt better and was able to take a gel.  I tried the Cliff gels that they were handing out at the aid stations but they were so thick I was unable to swallow.  I'm glad I packed GU gels in my water belt.

I stumbled along with my walk/run/stagger pace until before I realized I was at the turn around.  I saw Gareth S and Peter A.  Both were running strong.  As Gareth passed me, I yelled at him calling him a bastard and started running again as I didn't want him to lap me again.  At the aid stations I started asking if they had Tums or anything like that to minimizing the bloating.  They didn't have any (something to consider for next year).  Eventually the rain stopped and it was actually nice out.

At special needs, I had packed a garbage bag with holes cut out for the arms and head.  I wasn't sure what the weather was going to be like on the second loop.  If it was raining and and I was on the trail after the sun went down, that was a perfect recipe for hypothermia and a DNF.  I had the garbage rolled up tightly and stuck it in my run belt.

Coming back into the Mont Tremblant, I saw Joe and Susan (our old neighbors from Toronto) and they were with Rebecca and Vanessa.  I didn't see Tammy or Jake.  Rebecca said Tammy had gone looking for Jake.  I started panicking but Joe said run.  All though out the second lap, I was sort of worried about Jake missing.  Turns out Tammy found him playing Pokeman and wandered off a short distance.  Just as she was talking to the police, Jake came back.

The second lap was pretty much a blur.  The bloating in my stomach went down and I was actually able to eat some gels.  Oddly enough, my run time got faster.  I was doing a lot more running as I didn't want Gareth to pass me.  I passed his friend Chris who was doing this 10th and last Ironman. Obviously he planned to walk the second loop as he put a nice warm jacket in his special needs.

Gareth finally passed me as I was near the old village.  Later he told me he was pissed off that I called him a bastard and ran faster to pass me again but to his surprise, I wasn't where he thought he'd pass me again.  That's because I started running.

Once I was off the trail and in the old village (about 6 km to finish), I offered my garbage bag to anyone who was heading onto the trail.  The sun was setting and it would be cold as the temperature would drop.  No one wanted it so I threw it out.  Later, the next morning while standing in the line up for the Ironman tent, I was talking to a girl who mentioned some guy was offering her a garbage bag.  "Ha ha, that was me" I told her.  At the time, she didn't understand what the garbage bag was for.

Running down the finisher chute, I saw Tammy and the kids with Joe and Susan.  They spent the whole day together and really enjoyed being at Ironman.  I think Joe was interested in getting into triathlons as he currently runs marathons.

After Thoughts
I'm disappointed with my time as I didn't beat last year's time and all my times are getting slower. The weather has a big influence on how the race goes.  I probably had the best weather in 2012.  Several friends have already signed up for 2017.

So will I

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  1. Congrats on finishing another IM and a tough one.
    I'm lazy and and enjoying life so I've decided to do only the half MT next year. Are you doing the half as well?