Ironman Mont Tremblant

Monday, April 8, 2013

Blog Update

It's been a while since I've blogged about training because quite frankly there's been not much to write about.  My race season looks sort of haphazard as the only committed race this year is Tremblant 70.3 at the end of June. I sort of planned to run the Tioronto Half marathon in May but my calf isn't healed yet. In fact, after Sunday's one hour easy recovery ride, the back of my leg was swelling up.  I certainly wasn't riding hard at all so I'm not sure what happened. I wore compression socks to bed last night and this morning the swelling had went down so I rode on the trainer as a test. The back of my knee is a little tender but not as bad. I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday to see if its torn. Tremblant is only ten weeks away and so far my long run is up to 15 minutes.   

After Tremblant, the next race maybe (hopefully) Calgary 70.3 end of July. Tammy's brother lives in Calgary and her parents live in Saskatoon (7 hour drive from Calgary) so we'd combine a race/vacation. That would make the trip more bare able.   I was supposed to race Calgary 70.3 a couple of years ago but I was hurt.  Surprise, not.

The last race would be Rev 3 in Ohio in the second week of September with a bunch of bloggers. Adenauer, Scott aka Big Daddy Diesel, Matty and Heather O are scheduled to all race it so it should be fun meeting up with fellow bloggers/racers

Otherwise, training has been ho hum. Using last year's training plan, minus the 5-6 hour bike rides, hopefully I'll be able to do all three races plus maybe a couple of sprints with my buddy

That's all I got