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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CFL Reunion - 73 Year Old Start Brawling With A 74 Year Old!

Laughter turned to gasps when two former Canadian Football League rivals in their 70s exchanged vigorous punches on stage at an alumni luncheon in Vancouver this week.

In an online video that has quickly gone viral, former B.C. Lions quarterback Joe Kapp, 73, started the ruckus by offering former Hamilton Ticats defensive lineman Angelo Mosca, now 74, a sprig of flowers.

Kapp later said he was trying to end a feud that dates back to the 1963 Grey Cup game when Mosca injured Lions running back Willie Fleming with a hard tackle.

"I'm Angelo Mosca and someone starts waving a flower in my face," the former wrestler said later. "You think I'm gonna take that?"

Mosca, who was sitting down, lashed out with his cane. Then Kapp threw punched Mosca, knocking him off his chair.
"He hit me on the side of the head with a cane," Kapp said.

To which, Mosca replied, "When I went down, he kicked me."

CTV's Suneel Joshi said the fight was so bizarre, the crowd initially thought it was staged.

"People thought it was a joke -- until they saw the right hook from Joe Kapp."

When interviewed after the altercation, Mosca said he was simply defending himself.

"You take a shot at me, I'm gonna take a shot at you," he said.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Counting Calories - Fail

Someone brought in a large box of Peak Freen choclate cookies (one of my favorite cookies).  Everytime I walk by the kitchen, I grab two or three.  So much for counting calories.

Simply brutal

Monday, November 28, 2011

What Is Going On?

Just a quick update to let you know what is going on....nothing. 

A while ago, I bought a trainer tire and started using it when I rode my trainer (obviously).  Well it was a real PITA to put on but the next morning, it was flat so I struggled for another 30 minutes taking the tire off, changing the inner tube and putting the tire back on.  A couple of days ago, I got another flat so yesterday I took off the trainer tire and threw it in the corner.  I had an old tire from a couple of years ago and I'm just going to use that and ride it until there is no tread on it.

I'm using Saturday as my long ride and this week I really struggled to finish.  Normally I'll ride for about 90-100 minutes looking to burn about 1,200-1,500 calories however this Saturday, it took me 105 minutes to burn 1,000 calories.  It was a brutal ride.  I wasn't feeling all that great and probably a little tired from Friday's ride.  This morning, I rode for 65 minutes and burned 955 calories (I was pissed off).

On the running runs.  My foot is still sore but I've been using a wooden roller on the bottom of my foot and it hurts like hell but its getting better.  I've started to stretch my calves more and started doing some calf raises and I think its helping.  I'll try and run this week and if it still hurts then I'll go see a doctor.

One the dieting front, just two words.....oink oink.  On Thursday morning, I hit my max weight, 180 pounds up from my race weight of 170 pounds.  I was going to buy some new suits (I wear one everyday) but a couple of years ago, I bought a new one on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas where everything is on sale) and by June it was too big.  I've also noticed my current suits are starting to get a little tight, so we are back to counting calories.  That means weighing, measuring and recording everything I eat (well almost).  The goal is to keep the calories down to about 1,800 per day while burning over 2,500 calories (including workouts).  The first thing I noticed is my serving size has gotten a lot bigger.  The plate seems much more empty when I measure everything.  The second thing I noticed is that I'M STARVING ALMOST ALL THE TIME!!!  What does it say if I finish eating a meal and I'm still hungry?

The goal is to get down to 175 the end of the month.  Yea that should be fun with all the holidays coming up.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Minnesota Wild calls on 51-year-old beer league goalie

Bruce Kluckhohn/NHLI via GETTY IMAGES

Richard J. Brennan

Beer league goalie Paul Deutsch says it finally dawned on him that being called up by the Minnesota Wild wasn’t a dream when a valet parking attendant at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul opened his minivan door.

“Here they were valet parking my minivan. There is a Range Rover is in front of me and an Audi is behind and here I’ve got my four-cylinder minivan with the company logo on the side. The valet guys were dying (laughing),” Deutsch told the Toronto Star Thursday.

All the 51-year-old owner of an embroidery and screen sprint shop in the St. Paul’s area — called up by the Wild on Wednesday as an emergency backup goalie — says the only thing he can remember about the trip to the arena is being really scared and in a state of disbelief.

After all, his reason for making the trip is one of hockey legend, the kind of story that gives hope to pickup hockey players everywhere.

“I raced home and got my gear and started heading down to the arena . . . I don’t even remember how I got there. I was thinking to myself ‘I can’t go into this game … I don’t deserve to be there.’ I was very scared because what if …,” said the season’s ticket holder.

Earlier in they day he got the call from Bob Mason, the Wild’s goalie coach and golfing buddy, saying he had to sign a contract right away because he was needed immediately as an emergency backup to starter Josh Harding for Wednesday’s game against the Nashville Predators.

“I got called at 3 p.m. and I was probably at the arena by 4:30 p.m.,” said Deutsch, who joked that it did mean having to give up his regular Wednesday night game.

Because of NHL rules, the Wild weren’t allowed to sign a goaltender with professional experience. Deutsch’s amateur tryout contract fit within the rules.

Almost a year ago, a desperate Phoenix Coyote team in a game against the Rangers turned to Tom Fenton, a 26-year-old graduate student former goalie from Manhattanville College in Purchase, N.Y. The Canadian-born Fenton too didn’t get into the game but has a story to tell his grandkids.

While Deutsch is no stranger to some of the Wild brass — he’s a good friend of former Wild assistant coach Mike Ramsey — and has been the practice goalie for a number of years for the team, this call was entirely different. He was one injury away from having the professional spotlight on him.

Deutsch, who didn’t even start playing goalie until he was 37, was signed after Niklas Backstrom was declared out for personal reasons. And it was unclear if the night before the U.S. Thanksgiving whether Matt Hackett, being recalled from Houston, could make it to the Twin Cities in time.

“I was very scared because here we were talking about Hackett coming from Houston on Thanksgiving eve. ‘Come on, how’s going to do that?’”

Deutsch’s improbable shot at playing in an NHL game ended almost as quickly as it started when Hackett arrived at the arena just before the 7 p.m. game time and Deutsch was scratched.

He did however get out on the ice for about a minute or so during the warm-ups and better yet, he gets to keep his jersey. Chuck Fletcher, the Wild general manager, has also promised a copy of his NHL contract.
“This is something that I didn’t even realize, on that ice for a warm-up there are 40 men out there, big guys … and there is nowhere to go. And I couldn’t get out of the way. I almost clipped (Minnesota Wild forward Brad) Staubitz with my stick. He came over and said ‘can you imagine if you cut me during warm-ups.’ I was just a buffoon out there,” Deutsch said.

After the warm-up was over he discovered that Hackett had arrived in time. Deutsch’s locker had already been cleaned out to make way for the NHLer.

“Reality hit in a hurry. I was just gone. And there was my little chair with towel on it sitting in the room off the locker room where the sewing machine is and the skate sharpener and that stuff,” Deutsch said.
Deutsch stuck around to sit in on Wild coach Mike Yeo’s pre-game team meeting before taking his equipment off and heading to a suite with members of his daughter’s under-14 girls hockey team, which he coaches. He watched his beloved Wild win their fifth straight game with Harding making 23 saves.

“The whole thing was pretty cool,” he told the Star, adding he hopes he doesn’t have to pay for the puck he threw into the crowd as a souvenir.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pat Tillotson...You Are An Ironman!!

Ironman Arizona Nov 2011

In case you haven't seen it on other blogs, Patricia Tillotson (age 56) from Wilmington, DE finished Ironman Arizona in dramatic fashion:

Swim 1:38:20

Bike 8:06:09

Run 7:00:00

Finishing time 17:00:00

Ironman Announcer Mike Riley (white hat) is screaming encouragement

2011 IMAZ male winner Eneko Lianos (blue shirt) is clapping

2011 IMAZ female third place finisher: Meredtih Kesslar (blue jacket and black hat)

2011 IMAZ female second place finisher: Lindsey Corbin (grey jacket)


Saturday, November 19, 2011

The World Triathlon Corporation

From the Toronto Star

In 2008, Providence bought the World Triathlon Corp., which at the time staged or licenced the rights to 53 Ironman and half-Ironman events a year.
Endurance competitions were booming in the U.S.
In 2007, 800,000 racers participated in triathlons, and despite its modest coverage in the mainstream media, its popularity was on the rise. World Triathlon in 2007 generated more than $500 million in royalty payments from companies to put its Ironman brand name on watches, sunglasses and other items.
By 2009, 1.2 million racers participated in triathlons, and while the sport appealed to many, it was a still considered a gruelling challenge. A 2009 survey reported only 17 per cent of triathletes had finished an Ironman race in the previous year.
So this year, in a move to broaden the sport’s appeal, World Triathlon announced a new 13-race series called 5150. Races in the series would feature a 1.5-km swim, a 40-km bike ride and a 10-km run. (A traditional Ironman triathlon is a 3.8-km swim, 180-km bike race, and a 42-km run.)
Within five years, World Triathlon chief executive Andrew Fertic told The SportsBusiness Journal, the series could have 50 events averaging 2,300 athletes and more than 100,000 total participants.

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Canadian $100 Bill

So Canada gets a new one hundred dollar bill that is supposed to be indestructible as its made from plastic. 

Oppps, I ripped one.  I did the same thing in Australia when I ripped one of their five dollar bills that is made from plastic as well

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Protester Literally Thrown Out of Zuccotti Park

See ya! Toronto, you're next!


Nada is going on these days.  I have nothing to write about for training.

  • I'm eating like a pig.  Halloween was deadly.  I took a whole bunch of candy to work and people got mad at me
  • I'm still looking for a coach.  I've interviewed one and want to talk to more
  • I think I have Plantar fasclitis so I have not been running all that much (once a week)
  • I'm riding indoors three times a week.  Had a hell of a time putting on the trainer tire 
  • This is the time of year I get SAD except I do not get sad, more like extremely irritable and angry
  • Jake's arm is still broken and now he had a fever for the last several days 

That is pretty much what is going on in my life

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post Halloween

Clearly there are some very creative pumpkin carvers out there