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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Year In Review And Looking Ahead To 2011

Well the second year of triathlon racing has coming and gone.  It didn't start out that great as in December 2009 ended with lots of injuries.  My orthotics were fried and as a result, I ended up with several foot and knee injuries.  Also my shoulder was bugging me (still is today) and so in January I joined the Mallards Swim Club in Markham.  I think it made a difference as my swim times got better.

Due to my  knee injuries I missed several races at the beginning of 2010.  I had planned to run Around The Bay 30 km race but had to bail in March and the Mississauga Half Marathon in May and the Milton sprint in June however we figured out what the problem Hammy-problem-solved.  For the Guelph Olympic I had already preregistered and so I changed it to Aqua Bike instead of the full triathlon as I couldn't run 10 feet let alone 10 km. Guelph Race Report.  Guelph was a C race

Next up was the Muskoka Long Course which would be an excellent test for Muskoka 70.3.  I did better than I hoped and overall was happy with the results. Muskoka Long Course Race Report.  Muskoka was a B race.

Orilla Sprint was in August and it poured cats and dogs but I was ok with the results of this C race.  Orilla Race Report.

The big finale was Muskoka 70.3.  This was the first attempt at a half ironman distance race and a big step up from 2009's final race of Wasaga Olympic.  I rated my performance a 7/10 and but disappointed with the fact that I got a flat tire which cost me a least 10 minutes and I walked the hills on the run.  It was a tough and gruelling course with relentless hills, in fact everything ended on running up a hill including the swim.   Overall I was happy but really wanted to break six hours.  I think that's quite a realistic goal for this year.  Muskoka 70.3 race report.

The last race of the year was the Hamilton Half marathon where I paced Tammy to her first half marathon.  Hamilton Half Marathon Race Report.  A great way to finish the 2010 race season.

2011 And Beyond

My race schedule has been set for my A and B races (on the right side of this blog).  The running races in the first part is pretty much what was supposed to be for 2010 but injuries put an end to that schedule.  Hopefully we won't run into that problem again.  Interesting I've never done a full marathon before and I don't think it will be a problem as racing for six hours in Muskoka will have helped.  As for the triathlon races, only the A and B races are listed as I'm sure the coach will fill in with C races.  You might wonder why I have Calgary 70.3 listed.  The reason is that my brother in law just had a baby girl and my wife wants see them.  So, if we're going to fly all that way, I might as well take my bike and wetsuit and get a race in.

I received my January schedule and while the training times don't change that much, what changes is the intensity.  No more tooling along at a Mickey Mouse pace but lots of tempo runs/rides with flat out balls to the walls sprints.  Looks like we're moving up the training ladder.  I'm beginning to figure out that its not the time you spend training but the intensity.  I think 2011 should set me up for Ironman in 2012.

This should be an interesting season if I only remember to do my strength training..........

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