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Monday, January 31, 2011

Toughest Workout Of The Year

Ok so we're only into one month of the new year but yesterday I had the toughest workout of the new year. Sundays are my rest day but I do the P90X Yoga workout.  I didn't start working out until 7:00 am and got about 35 minutes into it when I was interrupted.  After the interruption, I took all three kids for the entire day.  We left the house around 7:50 am and had a lovely breakfast at McDonalds and they played in the play area.  They lasted about one hour and then I took them to the Ontario Science Centre.  The last time I was there was a couple of years ago with Rebecca and my brother Paul right after Vanessa was born.  The two of us struggled to keep up with Rebecca.  It is a totally awesome place where you can easily spend the entire day looking and trying different things.  I went there tons of times when I was a kid and its still a cool place to hang out.

Now I've taken all three kids for several hours and I've taken a couple of the kids for all day, but not all three for all day.  In hindsight, I should have brought some GU gels.  We started in the Kids Place and as soon as we got in, all three kids ran in three different directions.  Now being the "experienced" dad, I simply stood by the one entrance and let them go wild.  That worked for that place but in other exhibits, there were multiple entries and exits.  I wasn't worried so much for Rebecca and Vanessa but Jake is another story.  If you turn your back on him, he's gone in an instant and for a three year old, he's fast.  A couple of times I almost panicked when I couldn't find one or two or all three of the kids.  It wasn't that busy but the place is so massive and so many different floors it would be extremely difficult to find a kid once they are lost.  It was mentally exhausting just trying to watch all three kids run around in different directions while I was standing in one spot.

Lunch was a joy as once again the "experience" kicked in and I made sure we were in the cafeteria before noon as I know the kids' patience is almost as short as mine and there is nothing worse than being in a long line up with screaming hungry kids.  As usual, no one ate anything except the fries and they wanted candy so why not?  Load them up on sugar and let them run around.  As they day rolled on, Jake began to tire and get whinny but one of the last exhibits we saw is the one they had the most fun.  It was a massive tube about 30 feet tall with air blasting from the bottom to the top.  The kids would put pieces of papers in the bottom and watch it blow out the top.  I think I sat on the steps for at least 45 minutes watching them running around picking up the papers and stuffing it in the tube.  After that, it was around 4 pm and it was time to go home.  We arrived around 10:30 am and I was bagged.  This was a pretty good workout.  Too bad I didn't wear my heart rate monitor.  I would have been interested to see how many calories I burned.

When I got home, I had to run a couple of quick errands and then cracked a beer, and another and another.  Tammy asked why I was drinking on a Sunday.  Because I deserved it.

This week is a recovery week and I ran for 60 minutes this morning.  It wasn't bad as the temperature was only -25 (C) with the windchill.

My weight has drifted back down to 173 again.  Yea man!  I told coach I would drop five pounds before the end of January and I was right.  Now if I can drop another five pounds before the end of February.


  1. Ohh science center rocks! That place is a workout in itself! I always leave with sore legs and back. crazy!

    I had a beer last night too. I deserved it!

  2. Give me a run over child minding any week. I get exhausted just watching parents!!!

  3. I just started running again the other day. First run in 6 months. Ran 4.5k and had Dorritos afterwards - cuz i deserved it!