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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Suck It Up

Yesterday afternoon I felt really run down and in fact I could have taken a nap at my desk.  I felt better after taking some Advil but I can tell my body is trying to fight off a cold plus the interval workouts (swimming, biking and running) had drained me.  But by the time I got home, I felt better so I had a couple of beers.  I felt  fine in the morning other than a little dehydrated.  My run was for 90 minutes but I had to be back home by 7:00 am because Tammy wanted to go to the gym.  Overall the run was ok but I was a little tired and didn't go as hard as I should, staying in the lower part of Zone 3.

After the run, I changed clothes and did some glute workout that Kevin had given me.  I try to do it at least once a week.  I did about 30 minutes worth but began to feel a little crappy.  I started to get a chill and a headache.  It couldn't haven been from the beers I drank last night.  I only had three and I'd be downright embarrassed if three beers gave me a hangover.  I popped some Advil and felt a little better but had to take Jake to his swimming lessons.  I really didn't feel like getting in the water with him but it as it turned out, I only had to set on the side of the pool while he happily played.  His lessons are pretty basic as he's only three years old and most of the time, they end up playing for half the lessons.

On the weight front, I was quite happy the other day when I got down to 173 pounds but not so happy this morning when I came in at 176.  I know why I gained but wasn't expecting a three pound gain overnight and I didn't eat anything salty.

At the place where I work, a new manager has taken over and while I don't report to him directly, he can have a very direct impact on my success (or lack of) so I opted to take some initiative and host a customer appreciation day.  On the way to work yesterday morning, I stopped off at Dad's Cookies outlet where they sell their cookies dirt cheap.  I picked up several bags of cookies and set them on a up the table where customers could help themselves.  The trouble was every time I filled the plates, I helped myself to one or two chocolate chip cookies.  My three weakness are french fries, chocolate chip cookies and beer.  Every two cookies of Chunks Ahoy equal 170 calories.  Its pretty safe to say I ate more than two cookies.

Major Doh!!

This afternoon, the chills returned so I took a hot bath but I was so tired I fell asleep in the tub.  Is it a bad thing to have a nap while taking a bath?


  1. It's only a bad thing if you drown doing that so be careful. Sounds like you are coming down with something. Relax and give yourself a rest.

  2. Join the club - I'm feeling it too. Except now it's compounded but imminent IT Band injury :(

    I had a beer last night. Just one. I felt it. I'm such a lightweight lol!