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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Mysterious Hammy Problem Solved!

So after no improvements to my hammy, I couldn't figure out what the hell was wrong. I had wiped out my running for the last two weeks and Kevin was very surprised that it hadn't healed.
After a long talk with the coach where we kept asking if I was stretching (yes), was I doing strength training (sort of, most of the time), what the hell was I doing differently?????? NOTHING!!! I kept telling him. The only thing that is different from this year and last year is that last year I didn't put my aero bars on until around end of July and this year I'm in the aero position almost all the time except for hill climbing. Well I've must have installed them wrong. Desperate, I offered to bring my bike up for a fitting and I went up Tuesday night after hockey.

As soon as I got on the bike, coach immediately noticed I wasn't sitting right. Turns out the seat had slipped 3/4 of an inch and the saddle had moved back a full inch. What that did was I was scrunched up and my hip flexor was not being extended which in turn was pulling on my hamstring. Who knew that you were suppose to tighten the nuts and bolts on your bike? Ironically I stopped running and ramped up my riding to compensate and I ended up causing more damage. Well better finding out sooner than later. All the stretching and strength training wouldn't have prevented me from getting hurt.

Since Tuesday, I've ridden twice and noticed that my hammy is getting better and stronger. On Friday, I started to do some strength exercises for my hammy and also started to water run. In the afternoon I borrowed my friend's access pass to his condo and used the condo's pool to water run. It was a torturous 45 minute run in a salt water pool. Note: after swimming in a salt water pool, be sure to take a good shower to rinse off the salt. I didn't and it felt like I was wearing a layer of salt all day and I was very thirsty. Next week is three times of more water running.....oh god. Please let my hammy heal quickly.

This morning I had to do a two hour ride but checking the weather when I woke up, it was just nasty. It was pouring rain and windy so I opt to ride inside on the trainer. I'm sure glad I didn't have to ride in that crap!! Fortunately I rented Avatar and that helped kill the time. It was ok but reminded me of a futuristic "Dances With Wolves." One of those movies that you'd watch once and that is enough. A cheesy and predictable ending.

Next Sunday was supposed to be Guelph Olympic but as good as my hammy feels, it doesn't look like a go as its been over two weeks since I've ran. Another one bites the dust.........

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