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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Du

I changed my workout schedule a little on Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday night I was supposed to run but when I got home I could tell it was in my "best interest" not to ask if I could go out for an hour run. Besides, it was snowing and blowing pretty good so I decided to run Friday morning, ride Friday night and run again Saturday morning.  I generally don't like running back to back days as my body needs a day rest in between runs.

Friday's run were hill repeats but the problem where I live is, its flat as a pancake with some hills but nothing really challenging.  The coach wants me to get access to a treadmill but I said no way.  After that workout, he maybe right.  The hill I ran up wasn't that steep but the second part of the workout was three one minute all out sprints.  Given it snowed the day before, the sidewalks and roads weren't all clear and sprinting could easily lead to a serious injury.  I mentioned the possibility of joining a gym to Tammy but she definitely did not like that idea.  "But I would go at lunch time during the week while I'm at work" I argued.  Nope, end of conversation.  Start looking around for a treadmill to buy.

After dinner Friday night, I rode for an hour.  This workout was twelve 30 seconds burst with 30 seconds rest in between twice and then three one minute all out sprints.  Its amazing how fast the hour went by.  The problem with working out at night is that a) I was too wired to go to bed and b) holy crap, I woke up soooo many times to pee.  Talk about interrupted sleep pattern.  This was one of the reasons I stopped playing Friday night hockey.

Saturday's workout was a long run for 80 minutes.  I went running with another triathlete that Tammy had introduced to me last week.  Rommell lives fairly close by and she's run into him several times including at Muskoka.  I agreed to meet at his place and we headed out.  By that time, it was snowing pretty hard and at times we had to walk some of the ways as the snow was too deep to run and very easy to twist an ankle.  We ran at a slower pace than I would have liked but we went way longer than I had expected.  I was still tired from last night ride and fortunately had a GU in my water belt.  My body was very sore from basically doing a "Du" - run Friday morning, ride Friday night and run Saturday morning.  The bottom of my feet were sore from running on the uneven snow.

My brother had ripped me a copy of P90X yoga disc.  I've done a couple of yoga classes and really should be doing more, so Tammy and I did about 45 minutes on Sunday morning.  The basement was freezing but within 10 minutes I was warm and by 20 minutes I was sweating like crazy.  The yoga disc is 90 minutes long and while its repetitive, I simply don't have the strength to last that long.  We did the first 40 minutes and then skipped some parts and did the last part of stretching and balancing.  It was ugly as I was shaking like a tree and falling over but it definitely helped the soreness.

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  1. Needed to plead for permission to get the membership?
    Needed approval to get the treadmill instead?
    She set you up on a man-date?
    Yoga with Tammy?

    It sounds like Tammy has you well trained! lol :)

    I can't run back to back either, thats hard on the body.
    Snow runs are mind-numbingly slow, but its better than nothing! Remember to go your own pace when training with someone. Thats how injury or bad habits start.

    Now admittedly that p90-x Yoga is really hard. I can barely do any of it. Fran laughs at me. I shake too. hah!