Ironman Mont Tremblant

Friday, January 14, 2011

What's Up?

Things are humming along.  My weight has dropped back down to the 175 pound range where I'm ok with but will continue to push it to 170 pounds (race weight is 168).  The only thing is the old scale said I weighed 174.4 and the new scale said I weighed 175.6 so which is right?

This week is a recovery week so not a lot to report.   

My shoulder/arm has been bugging me in fact last week my arm was aching just typing on the computer.  I saw Kevin (chiropractor) last Friday and he said that it was caused by swimming with poor technique.  I was either crossing over or my elbow was dropping putting more stress on my shoulder which the tendon running down my arm had become inflamed.  So this week, I asked Serge to watch my stroke and basically he confirmed what Kevin had figured out.  I tried swimming on Thursday correcting the problem but swimming is like golf.  There are so many things that can screw you up and swimming is all about the technique, which I have none.

Oh the other thing is, I'm so fucking hungry today.  I can't believe how much I've eaten (most of it good).  As of 1 pm, I've eaten......

Pre workout
14 crackers with PBJ
1 power smoothie
2 tangerines & 1 apple consumed while driving into work
2 All Bran Bars
Head of broccoli
Half a cup of rice
Five ozs of fish
4.5 litres of water

and I'm starving..........


  1. practice practice practice and your swim technique will get better. I am so grateful my parents had me in swimming lessons practially before I could walk.

  2. I was also born and raised in a pool. I think I've got gills too.

    Slow it down and get the technique right. Technique will bring speed, don't force it. :)