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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Crap Ride

I'm not sure what happened this morning but I pretty much mailed it in on this morning's trainer ride.  I was to ride for one hour with 4 x 2 minute one legged pedalling, 4 x 2 minutes riding out of the saddle and then 4 x 1 minute all out sprints.  I made it through the half of the one legged drill when I begin to run out of energy.  I dropped down to a easier gear and struggled.  In between sets I remembered there was a pack of GU gel somewhere in the basement.  I hopped off the bike and found it.  The GU did make some difference as I finished the one legged drills and moved on to the all out sprints but during the second set, I totally was dead after 45 seconds and the other two sets were pathetic.  I started a slow easy recovery ride when I realized I forgot to do the out of the saddle drills.  I did a couple but was barely hanging on for the last one.  The only good news was that I burned 715 calories.

I'm not sure why I was so low on energy but it might have to do with the winter blahs.  I have been using a light box when I ride for the last couple of months but I'm not sure if it really does anything.  Its probably more of the placebo effect - you think its working so you automatically feel better.

It also might have to do with playing hockey (pick up) last night for the first time in three weeks.  We got absolutely smoked and it was quite a pathetic skate.  I was gassed and had no timing.  The only saving grace was I scored in the last couple of minutes.  I chipped at the puck and it went up in the air, hit the goalie in the head and rolled down his back and work was complete.

Another small victory is my weight has been dropping since I started counting my calories last week.  On January 2nd my weight topped out at 180 pounds (race weight is 168) and today it was at 174.2 pounds.  It was really bouncing around so I decided to start counting again and was shocked on how much I was eating.  The biggest problem was the snacking after dinner.

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