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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ride Forrest Ride

The results of the lactate test we're not that impressive.  I was first tested in May 2009 and while there has been some improvement, its nothing to write home about.  Similar to the BMI measurement, its not the end all be all.

Peter Takeda Test Results

May 9-2009                 January 3-2011

MHR - 179                    MHR - 175
RHR - 44                        RHR - 43
LBP - 160                     LBP - 160
89.4% of MHR           91.4% of MHR

Improvement of 2 %

I guess a more accurate time to measure would be in the spring of 2011 as I've had a 10 pound weight gain and lower level of activity in December.  Coach pointed out the most important take away is the 91.4% of MHR as an elite athletic would be at 95% but I think somehow going from 91% to 95% would probably be like a golfer going from a score of 85 to a 75....very difficult.
As we roll into January, the training begins to get serious and although this morning's ride was only for one hour, I actually did the drills that I had been skipping in December.  

Wed jan 5th
Warm-Up: 10 mins +/-
a)  Single Leg Drill: 6 sets 1 minutes with 1 minutes rest in between.
Cadence: 70-80 - HR: Zone 3/4
b)  Out of Saddle: 6 sets 1 minutes with 1 minutes rest in between.
Cadence: 70-80 - HR: Zone 3/4
c)  Interval - 3 set X 1 min - all out burst with 1 minute rest in between.
d)  Continous Ride for balance of time in Zone 3.
Cadence: 85-95
Cool Down: 10 mins +/-

The one legged drills hurt but the interval was painful by the third set. I actually didn't even turn on the DVD player on but I did have the TV on to a music station just for some background noise and watched the sports highlights during the warm up and cool down.

Tomorrow is swimming with the Masters again.  I decided to rejoin them as I was getting bored swimming on my own and also my shoulder was beginning to ache.  I think I've been pounding out too many laps of front crawl and need to mix up some of the strokes.  Several people missing from last year.


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