Ironman Mont Tremblant

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wow Am I Ever Fast!!

I went for an one hour run this morning and according to my trusty Polar watch I ran 13.56 km at an average pace of 4.27 min\km!!  Clearly all the cookies and beers I've been chowing down have paid off.  Funny when I went to Google maps, I ran only 10.5 km.  I wonder which one is right?

On another note, my Road ID worked perfectly....


  1. Hey! Agreed on the wind comment. As soon as I turned around to head home my running coat acted like a sail and added resistance. We have 30mph + winds here today.

    New follower, keep up the good work, your schedule looks pretty solid for 2011!

  2. lol well I'd be happy with anything with a 4 in front of it. Heck, I'd settle for anything with a 5 nowadays. I seem to be getting slower and slower with the more running I do lol
    Keep at it! :)