Ironman Mont Tremblant

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm In!

Around The Bay - Hamilton, Ontario. 

The oldest road race in North American, even older than the Boston Marathon.  I signed up.  This will be the third time I'm attempting this race.  The other two times, I didn't even make it to the start line due to injuries.  Last year would have been perfect as the winter was so mild.  This winter is supposed to be colder than normal.  Wonderful.  There is nothing more than I enjoy than going out for a 2 1/2 hour run in the middle of February.  I wonder what the temperature will be at that time of year?  This February it was zero degrees.  Perfect to run.  With my luck, next February, it probably be -30 with wind gusts of 30 km/hr.  Hello frostbitten toes and other frozen body parts!

This morning's workout was a 45 minute run.  Completely uneventful.  Yesterday's workout was a 61 minute ride on the bike while I watched a couple of more episodes of Weeds.  Totally uneventful. 

If I don't play hockey Friday night, I'll attempt one more outdoor bike ride Saturday morning as long as the roads are dry. 

As we head into December, I noticed with some of my fellow bloggers/triathletes, the level of activities and posting has dropped dramatically.  Tis the season.


  1. See you there!

    My first ever running race.

    K, there will be more walking than anything, but still! :)

  2. Guess you better finds some hills in Markham to do repeats