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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Going Postal Part 3

After joining the Postal Challenge on Slowtwitch in November, the object was to see how far I could swim in 30 minutes (1,700 metres) and then a month later see how much I improved.  On Friday, I did the challenge again and only swam 1,575 meters.  Doh!!  That's not how it supposed to work, unless I miscounted on the first test.

Thursday's 11 km run was a little brisk with the windchill, the temperature was -20 Celsius.  Brrrr winter is here.

Last winter I played hockey on Friday's afternoon at noon.  It was a very fast skate as there were some guys that played Junior A hockey.  I was clearly the worst guy there and this year I tried to get back in but they made in invite only.  In other words, I didn't make the cut.....for pick up hockey (doh) so I started playing with the guys I used to play with a couple of years ago on Friday nights at 9 to 10:30 pm.  I stopped playing last year because it was almost impossible to go to sleep around midnight and then wake up at 5 am to train.  I find that Saturday is pretty much of a write off unless I take a nap.  For instance, I'm supposed to do an hour run today but I might bail as I sure could use a nap.  I'll probably not play anymore once January rolls around and the schedule begins to build up.

Pretty much a boring update

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