Ironman Mont Tremblant

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Schedule Said Run, So I Did

This morning's temperature was a balmy -14 degree Celsius with winds at 39 km\hr which brought the temperature down to -23 degrees.  For those who don't know metric, I'll was fucking cold and windy.  Perfect for a light jog. Yesterday's rain turned to ice and the streets were like a skating rink.  Fortunately Christmas came early and Tammy gave me my presents.  One was Yaktrax which worked perfect.

Yaktrax Pro  by Yaktrax Style yaktrax pro

I pretty much ran a regular speed despite the road conditions.  However I did feel a little sore in my back and knees as the steel coils aren't as cushioning as the shoes itself.

The other item was new wind briefs which is a must in this weather.  It worked like a charm but I think if I was doing a two hour run, I would have to double up.

I headed out at 5:30 am and ran east for one kilometer and then north, straight into the wind.  Many times I wondered why I wasn't inside riding my bike.  I ran into the wind for two straight kilometers and then turned west onto Major Mackenzie where on the south side, there is a subdivision but on the north sides there just farmer fields and the wind just whips along.  I ran just under 10 km in one hour and totally ignored the run workout on the schedule as I was just content to get the damn run in.

PS:  Weight this morning was 177.6.  Down three pounds in one day.  Now if I can only do that for ten days in a row all my problems would be solved.  Well at least race related problems


  1. I'm still on the fence about getting a set of those... I mean, does it make that much of a difference? Maybe its easier that I just get trail specific running shoes? I dunno.

    my running running shoes in the slush seem to be taking on alot of water through all the vents. I think I need different shoes anyways

  2. Yes it makes a difference. I ran pretty much at full speed without any slippage.

    That slush problem shouldn't be a problem now