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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Return Of The One Legged Drills

Well its pretty safe to say that outdoor riding is done for the year.  I was hoping to get out for one more ride but winter has arrived (along with the usual layer of salt) plus the temperature is colder than normal so I've returned to riding indoors.  This morning's workout was one hour ride with the beginning of one legged drills and out of the saddle.  I don't mind doing the latter but absolutely hate the former and if I skip the drills, they only get harder and longer so its easier just to start now.  Besides, right now the one legged drills are only three sets of one minute which is manageable.....barely.  At least it helped pass the time quicker.  I watched the rest of the episodes of Weeds Season One.  The last episode had one of the girls kissing her female friend.  Great except they're about 10 years old....epic fail. 

I also started on some leg strengthening exercises.  I asked the coach for some workouts and he mumbled a couple of exercise I could do.  Several months ago, I asked Rishi twice (a massage therapist who is also a trainer) to build a work out schedule and he never got back to me.  Annoying.  Why won't any get back to me?  I told Risihi I would pay him.

Swimming is going along ok but my shoulders are sore when I use the pull-buoys.  I told Bryan that I'd probably rejoin the Masters in January.  He was pretty happy as he has no one to keep up with him but I didn't tell him I'd probably only go once a week and swim on my own for the other day.  As mentioned earlier, the problem with the Masters is that there isn't enough focus on pounding out the laps and too much focus on other strokes although given my shoulders, maybe that isn't such a bad thing.

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  1. dude, you're just getting old.

    When you think they are 10, they're probably really 20. We just think we are 20 when really we're 30-40. Depressing eh? lol :)

    Riding indoors. Ugghh... i've been collecting a ton of material to watch while on the trainer. i'm looking forward to watching all of it, just not the whole training part heh.