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Saturday, December 4, 2010


Ahh the joys of winter running:  wiping out on snow covered ice and almost getting hit by cars that don't stop at four way stop signs.

This morning, I debated whether to run or ride outside for a long time.  The temperature, with the wind chill, was minus nine degrees and a stiff wind of 15 km\hr.  Common sense prevailed and I opted to run as it burns it more calories than riding.  I don't mind running in this type of weather and given what my spring race schedule looks like, I'd better start getting back into running shape.

It was a pretty uneventful 60 minute run until I stepped on some ice that was covered with a fresh layer of snow.  I didn't fall down but as soon as my foot started to slip, its funny how the body reacted.  I tensed up and stayed upright but my triceps tightened up instantly and were actually sore for a couple of minutes.  I continued on until I was literally at the last 200 metres when I came up to an intersection with four way stop.  I ran through the intersection only half paying attention to a car that had sort of stopped and proceeded to roll through the intersection right towards me.  I yelled as loud as I could, "STOP ASSHOLE!!!" as he hit the brakes less than two feet away from me.  I must of have scared the shit out of an old couple walking by on the sidewalk.  As I ran by I gave him a dirty look and the finger.  The thing that annoyed me the most, was his windows were completely fogged up and he couldn't see anything other than what was directly in front of the car.  Moron

According to my Polar watch, in 62 minutes I ran 12.05 km for a pace of 5.12 min\km.....yea right.  I really need to get the foot pod reset.

Coach sent my December workout schedule.  He included a list of potential races for 2011:

                  2011 Race Schedule

Peterboro 1/2 Marathon Feb. 27-2011 - ???
Chilly 1/2 March 6-2011 - ??? 
ATB - 30K March 27-2011 
Sporting Life 10K May 2-2011
Goodlife/Miss Race May 15-2011
Muskoka Long  June 26-2011
Peterboro 1/2 Iron July 11-2011 - ??? 
Calgary 70.3 July 31-2011
Muskoka 70.3 Sept. 11-2011

Yikes!!  That's a lot of races although some races (???) would be either/or.  For instance, obviously I won't be running Peterboro Half and the Chilly Half Marathon the following week but I will be running one of them depending on how I feel and how training is going.  He also has me running the Sporting Life 10 km which I absolutely hate because its so crowded and its impossible to get any space.  Even though Yonge Street is completely shut down, it is a solid mass of runners from start to finish.


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  1. Amazing jerks out there, good to see you gave them the middle finger salute. haha