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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Cry For Help

U.S. woman goes ‘all out’ with 30,000-calorie Christmas feast

Dec 28, 2010 The Toronto Star
A New Jersey mom who aims to be the world’s heftiest woman enjoyed what was arguably the world’s biggest Christmas dinner over the weekend.
43-year-old Donna Simpson, who currently weighs more than 600 pounds, sat for two straight hours and consumed nearly 30,000 calories worth of food, reports the UK’s Daily Mail.
The massive feast consisted of two 25-pound turkeys, two maple-glazed hams, 15 pounds of potatoes, five loaves of bread, five pounds of herb stuffing, four pints of gravy, four pints of cranberry dressing, and 20 pounds of vegetables.
In total, the huge meal cost about $230 to prepare.
Simpson also had room for dessert as she consumed a sugary “salad” made of marshmallow, cream cheese, whipped cream and cookies.
The mother of two young children said that while she always eats as much as she wants, Christmas gives her cart blanche to “really go all out.”
Simpson, whose stated goal is to reach 1,000 pounds, has drawn intense criticism for her intentional weight gain.
But Simpson insists she is healthy and says “people who feel guilty about eating are hilarious.”
As an Internet personality, Simpson earns an income from her personal website, where people pay to watch her eat. She reportedly consumes nearly 12,000 calories a day, spending more than $600 a week on food.


  1. Is this even possible? I mean I can eat ALOT but that is just crazy!!

  2. One side of me says:
    Poor kids.
    Has nothing to offer society, get rid of her.

    Other side of me says:
    It's a hefty goal. *punn intended*
    She's diligently training at least.
    No sense being a fatty and being a wuss about it. Go all the way or go home.

    Now if she survives, maybe she's a good candidate for the next Ironman sob-story. Cut the weight and she'll get a free pass to Kona as a celeberity. She'll look right at home next to the drug addict convict they had in this year's coverage.