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Saturday, April 17, 2010

This Is An Expensive Sport!

Well today I found out that this sport continues to be expensive even after all the spending last summer to get started. In never seems to end.

I rode for 45 minutes this morning (its a down week) before taking my bike to the coach for its spring tune up but before I did, I found my knees were aching after my rides so one thing the orthotic guy said because of the way I'm built (bowlegged) I should turn the clips of my riding shoe inwards about 10 degrees so before my ride I unloosened the screws and tried to angle my cleats inwards but I think I screwed it up as my knees were aching during the ride. During the ride Tammy came downstairs and let me know she was going out for her 20 minute run so as soon as she got back I'd be finished riding and could take my bike to get it tuned up. Well by the time she got back and I had the bike loaded I was running a little late but as I was about to jump on the 404, coach called me and wanted to know where the hell I was as he had to meet another athlete somewhere else at 8:30 and he couldn't wait around for me. He would be back in an hour. Crap!! I was pissed but it was my fault I was late. I had wanted to go to Price Choppers and buy some more dirt for seeding the lawn. Yesterday I ordered one yard of dirt (about one tonne) and used it all up(does this count as strength training?) and I needed about another 20 bags (about half a tonne) more so I stopped in and got the dirt(ahh the joys of home ownership) and headed up to the coach's place.

As usual he started reaming me up about my bike maintenance (or there lack of) as I don't lube my chain, put the tire on backward etc etc etc. Then I told him about the cleats on my riding shoes, oh that was a mistake as I quickly realize that I shouldn't have changed the positions without consulting with the coach and I think he's right as the way he explained it seems to make sense so in order to realign my cleats I need to do another bike fitting which will cost $125. Crap crap crap crap crap. Chalk it up to inexperience. He also took a quick look at my running shoes with the new orthotics and after 5 steps he said the shoes didn't work with them and I needed new shoes ASAP......great more $$$$$$$$$$. So I arranged to meet him at Running Free at 3 pm and mentioned two friends also needed to be fitted for new shoes as well.

Well turns out it cost about $450 to fix the bike (I also loaded up Amino-Vital and got a free riding shirt that looks really cool) and my new shoes plus some stuff Tammy wanted cost another $200 (I guess I'm lucky that Tammy didn't need new shoes as well) and the swim coach just sent me my bill for half the year of another $230. Not a bad week. Did I mention that our bank account is in an overdraft of $1800 and I just got paid 4 days ago?

I suppose I shouldn't complain as I could be buying some cool Power tap wheels at $1000 a pop.

Tomorrow is a rest day and Tammy was kind enough to let me go golfing with my friend at Deer Creek. Its suppose to be four degrees in the morning. How fun will that be?

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  1. I guess it's safe to say that your coach DOES NOT have the link to this blog???? Hmmmmmm....