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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Must Do Exercises, Must Do Exercises, Must......

So things were looking pretty good as my new shoes and orthotics seem to be working pretty good but last week my right knee started to ache after each run. Usually around the 40 minute mark it started to ache in a couple of different spots. On Monday's run, I was suppose to go for 50 minutes but due to a miscalculation in my route I ended up going about 1:15. My knee was really sore and I knew there was something wrong. I spoke with the coach and he basically reamed me for not doing the exercises. Fortunately Tammy was going to see Kevin the chiropractor today and she arranged for me to see him after her appointment (Jake peed twice in his pants while I was watching him).

Basically Kevin said the problem was not serious but seriously I needed to do the exercises in order to strengthen my glutes and hips which were basically screwing everything else up as other muscles have to work overtime to compensate.

I already signed up for Milton sprint, Guelph Olympic and Muskoka Long Course Sprint so I'd better get this fixed asap. Must remember to do the exercises........

On another note, Tammy ran the Legacy 5K (fund raiser for Markham Souffville Hospital). She ran it last year as her first race and was looking to beat her time of 28:49 but this year they changed the timer and it was gun time and not chip time. Her time was over 32 minutes but she started way back of the pack so no idea what her real time was. What a disaster but I did see one of my old swimming buddies from Centennial pool. Derek wasn't happy with his time as he was hoping to run in under 18 minutes and he ran just over. Sick. We were swimming one time and in the time it took me to swim 50 metres, Derek passed me twice. Sick

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