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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Dog Days of.....April???

Must be something in the water as it seems a couple of fellow triathletes are running out of gas and its only April. I went thru this in February when I working 6 days a week and was just bagged. After one of my numerous injuries in early March, I shut it down for 5 days straight. This helped as I felt refreshed and hit the training schedule again.

Lately over the last week or two I've been having off (blah) days where I just seem to be going through the motions, like today's ride. Fortunately its a down week so I don't need to worry about the intensity but if I'm this tired now, how in the world could I train for an Ironman? Right now, I'm only training about 9 hours a week (including hockey) but for an Ironman I would have to double it to about 20 hours a week. How in the hell do other people (those with kids) do it? I spoke with the coach yesterday and had mentioned that because I've been riding outside since March break, I wasn't doing the riding drills and he wasn't to thrilled. The thought of doing cycling drills outside when its dark really doesn't strike me as the smartest thing to do. I mentioned to him that I am worried about Muskoka especially the cycling as I believe it to be my weakest leg. He basically said the drills are to build me up for Muskoka and I should be doing them...period so I've been riding back inside. Boringggggggggg

I also mentioned that I haven't been able doing the strength training and predictably he was unsympathetic. I like doing the workouts after I have rode or ran but lately it seems they're always trouble upstairs and someone is usually yelling or crying or both. That usually kills my workout. I am a big believer that everything in life is a trade off and while I could just ignore the screaming and yelling upstairs, it would only lead to further problems so something usually gets missed (ie strength training).

Of course my coach has no sympathy. He's single, lives alone and has no kids. As he always tells me, "you're not the only athlete with kids." True but I doubt they are as young as mine (6.5, 4 and 2.5 years old) or they have help ie nanny or in-laws. Which leads back to my original question of how could I possibly train for an Ironman without getting divorced? I guess I already know the answer that its simply not possible (especially if Tammy goes back to work) for at least several more years. That's not a bad thing as even though I've ran 5 half-marathons, I have no desire to run a full marathon unless its part of an Ironman.

Maybe I can put that on my "bucket list" of things to do before I hit 50 years old, which is how far away??????

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