Ironman Mont Tremblant

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nothing New Going On

I rode outside this morning leaving at 6 am just as it was getting light out. The sun doesn't rise until 6:50 am but it usually gets light about 30 minutes before sunrise. Next week the sun will rise by 6:41 am so I can start leaving earlier. Once I ride north of Major Mackenzie, there are no street lights so I can't see if anything is on the road in front of me until its too late. So by riding along Major Mac (which has street lights) and then turning north after 15 minutes it is light enough to see the road.

Today was a great morning to ride as it was cool but humid. I like riding outside of the city and as I was heading back the sun was coming up and someone had started a fire so you could smell the smoke.

One problem about riding in the country is that when you come up to an intersection (I have the right of way), I find drivers going the other direction will roll up to the intersection, looking for on coming traffic and if I'm in the aero position they don't see me so I've learned to sit up as I approach an intersection. Last year I almost got hit my a lady who didn't see me even if it was the middle of the morning.

Run tonight and looks like its going to be pouring rain. Not fun

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