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Friday, April 30, 2010


So I was out for my run yesterday afternoon and I was running by a school field when I noticed these two guys kicking a ball around. As I got closer, I realized they were kicking a footy around!! Wow! I stopped and talked to the the guys. One of them was wearing a Hawks jumper (jersey) but it didn't look like any I've ever seen before. I was thinking my old team, the Broadview Hawks, had changed their jumper but when I started talking to the guy, he explained that it was his jumper from back home (Australia) and he was up for a month visiting someone. The other guy was a Canadian and I assume that's who he was visiting. I was dying for a kick, so I took off my water belt, ipod and foot pod and started kicking the ball around. It was great and I really miss playing Aussie Rules Football. I played for 11 years here in Toronto and most don't realize that Ontario has the biggest Footy league outside of Australia.

So what is Aussie Rules Football or otherwise known as Footy?

Footy is to Aussies what ice hockey is to Canadians

Oh how I miss playing (how about you Scobie?) Unfortunately the footy season ends in September and that's when Muskoka 70:3 is. I wonder what coach would say if he saw me playing footy given how he complains about my ice hockey? If you're interested in watching a game TSN shows the games but at 6 am Saturday morning. I would tape it but a) I would never get a chance to watch the game and b) the PVR is full of Hanna Montana and CSI....neither of my shows

On another front, my knee didn't hurt after a 40 minute run (not including the 20 minutes I spent kicking the footy around).

This morning was weight training and I made sure to nail the glutes and hammies. I'm sure they're going to be sore tomorrow

PS: I got beat by a 13 year old at swim practice on Thursday. It was the coach's daughter and she smoked me by 5 seconds in 50 metre free style race.

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