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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Return Of The One-Leg Drills

Today was a good ride as I went a little longer than scheduled. I'm continuing to do the 60 seconds hard and 60 seconds easy drills up Warden ave. Once I crossed Stouffville Side Road, I started doing the one legged drills and along Bethesda Road which is a great road to do drills as there is hardly any traffic. Once I crossed Kennedy Road, I did the out of the saddle drill until I made it to McCowan Ave (about 2.1 km). Normally I would have turned south to head home but this morning I decided to head north to Bloomington Road as there is a good hill to climb. Once I hit Bloomington I turned around and headed back down the hill but nearly crashed my bike as I was too busy trying to see how fast I was going and not realizing I was drifting over to the shoulder. That would have been a painful crash at 45 km/hr.

By the time I got home I was bagged and starving. I really need to eat more before I head out as well as start taking gel shots. Once I got home I checked my heart rate monitor and found that I burned 911 calories in 1:19 minutes. Not bad as I don't ever remember burning that much in one ride which is probably a good indication of the lack of intensity in my rides.

Swimming is going great as over the last couple of practices, we've been doing 2200 metres and I haven't been as tired as I used to get.

The one thing that I am worried about is my knee. I still feel slight pain after every ride and run so I've been icing and trying to remember to do the exercises. The new shoes and orthotics definitely help but I'm always wondering when my knee will blow up and everything comes to a crashing halt.

Tomorrow is a rest day and Tammy is running in the Markham Stouffville 5 Km race. She hoping to beat last year's time of 28:49. As usual, its suppose to rain

PS: I'm totally starving and been eating like a pig

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