Ironman Mont Tremblant

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hey What Happened To Spring??

Brrrrr literally overnight the temperature had a double digit drop and when I ran this morning at 5:30 am it was only 2 degrees but with the windchill (30 km wind) it was more like minus five degrees. What a change from Wednesday's run when I finished I was dripping wet partly because it was pretty humid.

So Wednesday and today's run were for 40 minutes each but unlike last week (30 minutes), I changed routes and ran around Rammerville as opposed to running around the block (literally). The Rammerville run has some small rolling hills and is generally a lot harder than the "around the block" route. If I haven't been running the Rammerville run for a while, I usually am a little sore the next day.

So far the orthotics seem to be doing their thing. I'm only running a zone two pace (about 6:15 min/km) pace as I build my endurance back up after being off for so long. Some minor aches and pains but nothing serious......yet.

Yesterday's swim was tough as I was just thinking that I would need to start ramping up the yardage. We started with 600 metres of kicking drills and finished off with 3 by 400 metres (48 laps) of front crawl except that we had to time each set of 400 metres and we should be swimming faster each set. The first set was a piece of cake as I was averaging about 3:50 per 200 metres but the second set was a struggle and I accidentally kicked one of the girls in the head when I tried to pass them with a flip turn at the end of the pool. Cathy was not impressed and although I apologized she didn't say anything to me for the rest of the time. Doh. I hammered the last lap to get my time under 4:00 minutes but was bagged. Now it was 6:30 am and no one seemed interested in completing the last 400 metres so I did it alone but forgot to set my watch so I had no idea what pace I swam at but it is safe to say I was no near 4:00 min per 200 metres. This is something that Serge (swim coach) keeps hammering in our heads about maintaining our pace especially in a race.


  1. I'm not coming to swim with you anymore if you're going to be kicking people in the head. :P

  2. If he kicks people I'm not going to START swimming with him