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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Look, Two Snow Flakes That Are The Same!!

Thankfully, its going to warm up this weekend to 21 degrees Celsius and we won't have to deal with this crap anymore!

ice bike

On the injury front, I'm still going to physio and my back/shoulder/neck is getting better.  Yesterday the therapist used acupuncture with electricity.  I almost fell asleep on the table nodding off while being electrocuted. 

On the training front, I've had a couple late nights this week and its beginning to catch up.  On Monday, I went to function for my work colleague's children and Tuesday I took my dad to the baseball game.  We watched the Blue Jays beat up the Oakland As.  Funny how the stadium that holds 55,000 looks so empty when there is only 11,000 people at the game.  How does Rogers (owner of the Toronto Blue Jays) make any money? 

This Saturday is a "short" three hour run and it ramps up from there...ugh.  I need to figure out my water belt/nutrition situation.  In the past, I've only run with those green Gatorade bottles that you get in your grab bag from races.  I've used a fuel belt in one of my triathlon races last summer and it fell off when I started running.  I had to run with my water belt in my hand for several kilometers.  All the new water belts are Velcro straps and not the clip in kind that the old ones have.

That's pretty much it for today............

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