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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Importance Of Core Workouts

This is how I finished Friday's long run (35 km).  Kevin (chiropractor) had told me that you often see people running like the picture below because they have a weak core and can't maintain their form once they get tired.  I get it now...........

I read Scobie's tweets as he get reading for his return visit to St Croix 70.3.  He wanted me to race with him....well be at the same race.  I told him forget it as there was no way I was doing a four hour bike ride on my trainer.  Anyways he's always writing about doing core and stretching so today after 30 minutes of P90X yoga which was interrupted by the start of a massive Easter egg hunt in our house that lasted all 10 minutes.  Afterwards, I went upstairs and I did 20 minutes of core and stretching.  My core muscles are quite pathetic as I haven't been doing anything in a while looonnnngggg time and it showed.  I did 60 seconds of front plank, 30 seconds of side plank each side and 60 seconds of front plank again.  Within 20 seconds, I started to shake like a leaf.  In between the three sets, I did stretching of the hamstring, IT and hip flexor.  Somehow I MUST work this into my daily routine.

Today was Easter dinner at my house and the diet was pretty much trashed all day.  It started with the first Easter chocolate egg around 7:15 am and it was all downhill after that.  I pity the scale tomorrow morning.  Its going to be under a lot of extra weight...mine.

Oink Oink.  Happy Easter


  1. I totally fail at making core work part of my routine. I shake like a frickin' vibrator. I suck. Its so hard it is not fun.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I need to do more of it too!

  3. Core is the key! It will help your swim, ride and run. I have a group of core workouts that I do every morning and does not take much time but you will see results quick if you do them on a regular basis.

    Good luck~