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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

This morning's run was for a short three hours as we gear up for the Toronto Marathon in May.  This is the longest run I've done as Around The Bay was "only" 2:48.  Big difference.
I wasn't feeling 100% which probably had to do with all the beers I had at yesterday`s work conference.  After lunch we went up to a friend`s room for a couple of beers and then attended the afternoon session.  The final speaker at the end of the day was Yvonne Camus who was part of Team Canada entry into the Eco-Challenge race.  A gruelling 500 km race through the jungles.  Hmmm this sounds interesting.  Maybe I should look into this race after I get bored of Ironman.

Here is a video of Yvonne`s previous presentation.  Its a condensed version of her full presentation but a great insight to what it takes to complete the Eco-Challenge race and also survive and succeed at work.

After Yvonne's presentation there was an open bar and the only thing that saved me was I had to catch the 6:30 pm train otherwise it would have been ugly.

Anyways that why I wasn't 100% for this morning`s run.  I left the house at 5:15 am loaded up with water and gel and wasn't looking forward to this at all.  The run was pretty uneventful but gruelling.  I really struggled the last five kilometers as my legs and ankle were sore.  By the time I came to the last kilometer, my pace was down to a 6:15 min km.
I was wiped out.  This was tougher than Around The Bay which goes to show the power of 10 x 1s (run 10 min, walk one minute).  Next week should be fun as my run gets up to 3:15.  Ok seriously, how am I going to do a marathon  That's another 12 km

After I stretched, I decided I needed an ice bath.  I've taken them before and they are NOT fun but they do work.  I lie in the tub and start filling it up with cold water.  Once the water covers my legs, I dump a bowl of ice in and try and sit for five minutes.  I wear a sweat shirt but my teeth are still chattering.  The idea is to cool down the muscles and it promotes faster recovery.   Ice Ice Baby.  Try it.  It works

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  1. damn, nice run! I dont know about the ice bath thing though, sounds painful!

    I trained all winter with 15min run, 1 min walk. It wasnt until recently joining the running group that I do a steady pace but definitely at lest 30-45 seconds per km slower than usual.