Ironman Mont Tremblant

Monday, September 20, 2010

Oink Oink

Hmmm I've seemed to have gained 6.5 pounds since Muskoka 70.3 (8 days ago) and I can actually count the number of beers I've had since then (14 or so).  Or my scale is broken

I need to train like this guy.  Must be the coaching

Bryan sets out on a 22 km run, stops half way and has 4 or 5 beers and then finishes the run.  Now that's what I call training.  Of course, he qualified for Kona this year.  He just did Syracuse 70.3 in under 5 hours.  That's his taper down race

He even organizes his own annual 5 km race with an unique set of rules

Paul (my bro) is attempting a 6.1 km run today.  I warned him about making sure he has enough gel and water.  His wife is on standby in case he needs to be picked up.  After he successfully completes today's run, he'll only have to go another 15 km for Hamilton half marathon.  No problemo

I ran 6.1 km today (first run since Muskoka).  My knee hurts.  Back to the butt exercises. 

Yes my knee pain is connected to my butt.....don't ask.

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