Ironman Mont Tremblant

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Again Another Ride And Another Flat

How is it possible to get so many flat tires???

Again I got another flat in the front tire.  Not only is this getting extremely annoying but also expensive.  I bought a CO2 cartilage at Running Free yesterday and its a good thing as I burned through three of them changing the tire.  Now you're probably thinking how could this idiot use three cartilages changing one tire?  Quite simply, twice I filled up the tire but the tube was bulging on the outside of the wall of the tire.  Thankfully it didn't blow as I didn't have any extras tubes.  I figured out that I wasn't pushing the pin back into the tire before I filled it and as a result it bulged out of the side of the tire.  I'm taking my bike up to the coach for total bike tune up this week before the race.  Maybe I need an extra layer of rim tape or super duper strong inner tubes or something.  Basically I'm screwed if I get a flat in a race.

It was freezing cold this morning as the temperature was only 10 degrees with a nasty wind of 20 km/hr.  I'm not sure what happened to the 35 degree (with humidity) temperatures we had last week but I hope it isn't like this next Sunday.  I saw Paul S running and we chatted for a couple of minutes.  He's looking to finish around 5:30.  I could only dream of such a time.

Oh speaking of dreams, I had one last night that I was in a race and I forgot to set up my transition so I had to ride my bike in my running shoes and I had no helmet or gloves.  I really need to stop drinking.  Oh wait, I only had one beer yesterday.  Clearly my body is telling me something....I need to drink more.

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