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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Now What?

Well the glow of Muskoka 70.3 has worn off and it hasn't been a week.  I'm still in recovery mode and I'm tired by 9 pm.  I played my first hockey game in six weeks and couldn't believe how out of shape I've become. I was out of gas within the first 30 minutes.  Some wonder how that's possible given the amount of training over the last nine months but really it comes down to slow twitch verses fast twitch muscles.  For triathlons, I trained a specific way but for hockey its a different sport that requires the muscles to act differently and although I probably was the fittest person on the ice, I was out of gas at the end.  Also I'm still tired from my race.

The season is winding down, with only one more race to go.  I'm going to run the Hamilton half marathon and help pace Tammy.  This would be her first half marathon and a big accomplishment.  My older brother Don will probably run with us and I'm trying to convince my other brother Paul to join us.  I asked how far is long run is up to and he replied "about 4.6 km."  Good enough, he'll be ready to run 21 km in 50 days (notice the new countdown clock).

Although I'm still in recovery mode, I've found myself sort of down that the season is over.  After last season, I tried to maintain the high level of workouts in the off season and ended up getting hurt.  I also gained ten pounds very quickly.  I hope to learn from the mistakes and take it easy.  After the race on Sunday and Monday, I didn't care what I ate or drank but by Tuesday I was trying to get back into the diet routine.  I think I need to lose another ten pounds by next season.

I talked to the coach and we discussed, in general terms, what my goals are for next year and 2012.  I told him I was thinking about doing two half ironmans, Calgary 70.3 at the end of July 2011 and maybe Muskoka again.  Tammy's younger brother John is expecting their first baby this December, so I figured she'd want to go and visit them at some point.  By July the baby would be 8 months old and seeing that they live in Calgary, I might as well take my bike and wetsuit and kill two birds with one trip.

We also talked about 2012 and decided to shoot for an Ironman.  If that's the case, then which race?  I would like to do Ironman Canada (being a Canadian and all) but coach said it wasn't a good idea because a) you can't ride the course before hand unless I plan to fly to BC and b) with flight and rental of a mini van, this race would cost close to $8,000.  Yikes!!  If I did Ironman Lake Placid, I could drive in 5.5 hours (oh that would be fun with the three kids) and I could go down next year to register and have a chance to ride the course.  Makes sense but I'd have to work out the logistics.  Taking three or four days off, leaving Tammy with the kids won't go down well.  I'll have to do some fancy footwork, whining and dining to pull this one off.  I can't believe I'm starting to plan for a race that's 22 months away.

Oh yea, coach said I should upgrade to a tri-bike.  It never ends........

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