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Monday, September 27, 2010

Oink Oink Oink Oink

Losing Weight = Exercise + Eating Less.  How hard can that be? 

Well the numbers don't like.  This is my profile from calorie counter .  I log my weight every morning and as you can see, starting in Dec 2008.  Pretty good until the off season hit last year and so far this year.  Its amazing how fast the weight flies back on as the training intensity drops. 

Saturday's workout was suppose to be a 45 minute run and a 30 minute bike but I ended up bailing from the bike but I did try to do the run at a pretty good clip. Something like 8.5 km in 45 minutes but it was hard to keep going. Halfway thru the run, I wanted to stop. Pretty pathetic.

Sunday is supposed to be a rest day but the weather has been half decent.  The kids were going to a birthday party in the afternoon and then we were having my family over for my mother's birthday at 4 pm.  Well seeing that I bailed from Saturday's ride, I figured I'd go for a ride while the kids were out.  However Tammy had an appointment at Home Depot to have some shelves and desk built in the kitchen at 9 am so who was going to clean the house?  Turns out me.  I really hate cleaning.  Maybe that's that's why my bike is always dirty.  The sacrifices I make for this sport.  I spent the entire two hours cleaning the upstairs and downstairs while getting the kids breakfast and helping Rebecca with her homework.  Did I mention I hate cleaning?

Once Tammy got home, she took the kids to the birthday party and I took off riding.  This was my first half decent ride since Muskoka.  I ended up going 44 km in 1:23 minutes for an average speed of 32 km\hr.  I was pretty happy with that but found the hills were a lot tougher.  I've seemed to lost something but did manage to burn almost 1,000 calories.  When I got home Tammy and the kids were still not home so I quickly did some stretching and then went outside and cut the grass.  It only takes 15 minutes to count the front and back but I was bagged by the end. 

Everybody started coming over around 4 pm which I wasn't home because I had to run out and get my mom's birthday present.  I was starving so I figured I try Payne's recovery  I had about 6 beers along with some salty nachos (oh oh), some steak and chicken.  After everybody left, I cleaned up and the kids went to bed, immediately followed by me.  As usual, I woke up at 12:30 am and was up for 2 hours.  At least I got to watch Mad Men.  The only TV show I watch.  I woke up late (5:20 am) and got ready to go running.  I thought I ate ok last night until I stepped on the scale.......oink oink.  I think the scale yelled "get off fatso."  Nothing like gaining four pounds in four days.

As punishment, I actually tried to run at the prescribed heart rate I'm suppose to run which works out to be about 5 min\km and I had a slight hangover.   I ended up going about 11.5 km in one hour.  Clearly I'm out of drinking shape.  In the good old days, I could run 15 km after drinking 10 beers.

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