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Monday, March 22, 2010

Water Running

Well seeing that I can't run, on land at least, I thought I'd do some water running. I've done it before and found it totally boring and useless. Probably because I wasn't doing it right.

This time I tried it without any floatation aids. Gee what a difference. It was still boring but a lot more tiring and more realistic to land running. I figure I'll do this at least a couple of more times until I get my new orthotics. I used my dress shoes orthotics (as they weren't wrecked as much as my running orthotics) in my every day shoes and ended up hurting my left foot. Probably because my foot wasn't used to the support. I had to take some anti-inflams to get the swelling down for a couple of days.

The weather has turned a lot colder (today's high is only 8 degrees). I'm glad I was able to get in three rides last week but because I "ran" this morning, I'll have to ride tonight in the basement. I'll be watching the rest of Mad Men (season one). Its better than nothing.

I found an interesting website for "at home workouts."

The Hamstring Mega Blaster is hard.  This is the only exercises that deserves a name like this and it's really good for strengthening your hamstrings.

Definitely need to work on the hammies as it is a direct cause of some of my knee problems.

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  1. So how long did you "run" for? Did you bring a waterproof book with you???? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA