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Monday, March 29, 2010

Run Forest Run!

I did my first run outside in about four weeks and it was exhausting. I can't believe how much I've "lost." I did two sessions of 30 minutes of water running last week but I don't really think that made much of a difference.

I went a whopping 3.80 km in 22 minutes for about a 6.00 min/km pace, slightly faster than a turtle. I kept the heartbeat under 139 but it sure didn't take much to get it higher.

I tried to concentrate on "toeing off" rather than heel strike first. Basically that means that the first thing to hit the ground is the back of my heel instead of the middle part of the foot. One thing Kevin pointed out was that when I stand my right foot turns outward about 20 degrees so that would explain the wear pattern on my shoes indicate the right upper outside of my right foot and the right heal hit the ground first. Also toeing off forces the body to lean forward and I know that when I get tired I lean backwards (another indicator of heel strike first).

It felt weird running like that and once I get my new orthotics I'll have to make the decision to change my running style as I will be getting new running shoes. So does that mean Newtons? There is much controversy about these shoes as its suppose to force you to run "naturally" whatever that means.

Initially I was not impressed by these shoes (and they're damn ugly) but perhaps they are worth getting a pair, which will mean changing my running style but given the number of times I've been hurt that's probably a good move. We'll see what the coach recommends.

Kevin was highly skeptical about using orthotics in my skates and in my riding shoes so I rode this morning without them and I think I should use them as I could "feel" my knees when I was riding so I'll try another ride using orthotics however I think for hockey I can do without them as not as much force is exerted on my foot as well as the rigid skate boot makes rolling in less likely.

Oh and another thing, looks like I don't have weak hamstrings but rather a weak butt so Kevin sent a whole bunch of exercises.....wonderful.

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