Ironman Mont Tremblant

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Well after hurting my shoulder in December, I needed to find a swim coach and fast. Going to Personal Best triathlon clinic at McMaster where they video taped my swim, clearly showed me that I need improvement and my ever aching shoulder proved it.

Well after lots of physio in December and January, I started to look around for a Masters swim club. I chatted briefly with one of the coaches from the Markham Mallards swim club on Sunday mornings at Centennial Pool in Markham, I found out that they swim Tuesdays and Thursdays morning at 5:30 am....perfect time.

After going a couple of weeks I found that this was exactly what I needed and decided to join up.

Today's swim was tough as we did 1600 metres of kicking drills (which I really suck at) and finished up with a short 900 metres of front crawl. Am I getting better? Well I think so as it used to take me 29 strokes to cover one lap and today I was doing about 20 strokes. Time will tell if I improve on my mediorce swim time.

I'll ride outside tomorrow morning. One good thing about being off for March break is I can start my workout a little later ie like when the sun comes up. I hate riding when its pitch black outside and can't see shit in front of me.

Oh yea I gained two pounds last night. WTF???? Yesterday I lost two pounds


  1. 5:30 am? What does that look like???

  2. very dark

    and put down the ice cream cone