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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Post

Well this is my first boring post

Not much is going on for training.

Since my last race (Scotia half marathon Sept 27/09) I didn't really take any down time and now I'm paying the price. Since Dec 2009 I have five injuries. Mostly foot/leg injuries but also shoulder (rotator cuff) from swimming like a brick. Thankfully that seems to have healed but the leg/foot injuries are driving me crazy. I'm used to being injured all the time but never this much. Something ain't right.

Finally I went to my brother's podiatrist in Ajax and it was worth the drive. I only went to him because he was cheaper than the podiatrist I've been using for like 10 years and I'm pretty happy with my decision. The guy certainly can talk as my appointment lasted almost two hours but he was certainly knowledgeable as his analysis explained why I'm always getting hurt. Part of the problem is that my right leg is two centimeters longer than my left leg because I'm bow legged and my left hip turns in to compensates and pulls everything out of whack. Oh yea my orthotics are toast so I'm getting a new pair. He also informed me that I should be using orthotics in my cycling shoes and hockey skate. Also explains why my runner's knee injury flares up every once in a while (like now).

Because my knee is still a little sore (of course I played hockey last night), I decided to try a little riding. I could definitely "feel" my knee but it wasn't too bad. It was a little chilly (4 degrees) when I left around 7:45 am but as the sun warmed up I started getting a little warm. I only went out for 41 minutes at a very easy pace of about 24 km. Funny how riding outside for 40 minutes was easy compared to riding indoors for 40 minutes.......painful.

Tomorrow.....masters swim at 5:30 am. Lots of people away because of March break

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