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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hey, My Back Is Better

Well after a "short" 90 minute session with Kevin (the amazing chiropractor), I feel so much better.

He basically worked/checked on my shoulder, knee, leg, and back. Basically overall I'm in ok shape and should be able to start running again as soon as I get my orthotics. He figured that they should correct much of my foot/knee/leg problems as having flat feet, every step I take, everything rolls inward which in makes other muscles work extra harder to counter act the collapse.

With my shoulder, he said its structurally ok but probably needs some strengthening and in fact he'll be emailing me a whole bunch of exercises to help strengthening my weakness.

With my back he did a little acupuncture, applied some medication (smells like Ben Gay) and a minor back adjustment. Before he did that, he quoted the usual disclaimer how it may break my ribs. I responded Rick would kill him if he broke my ribs as my race season would be over before it started.

He also disagreed about using orthotics in my skates and was very doubtful about using them in my riding shoes as well. Who to listen to?

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