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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ohhhhh My Back

So I was trying to do these hamstring extensions and I'm pretty sure that I did them wrong because after three reps my lower back was in pain.

Hopefully Kevin (the chiropracter) will be able to help me out today. I'm meeting him today (on Saturday) to have him check out my runner's knee. One thing I've noticed about the PT is that while he was pretty good at diagnosing my injury, he didn't prescribe any exercises so chances are this problem with happen again and again and again...

I got my new schedule yesterday and it looks pretty much of the same although I'm not sure how the switch over from water running to street running with go over with my foot/knee/leg. I'm sure more pain to come

Thursday's swim class was gruelling but at least we got to use flippers. Funny its so much easier to swim with flippers. I wonder if I can use them in my races?

Friday morning I rode for 60 minutes but didn't do the drills as my knees were a little achy which could have something to do with the fact that I using orthotics in my riding shoes and my knees aren't used to it. I also played hockey at noon. It was the last Friday skate and we only had one player on the bench. I was totally wiped out after the game and I had a meeting in Uxbridge later in the afternoon so I took a gel shot on the way up and it did the trick. Still ended up going to bed at 9:15 pm.

Good thing tomorrow is a rest day

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