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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Why Don't You Get Out Of Your Car Tough Guy?

I got my new training schedule and wondered why coach has me do so many tempo runs.  I'm supposed to be pacing Tammy for the Hamilton half marathon but she can't run at my pace so why I am pushing it so hard?  Its hard to dial down the training as I always feel I should be doing more.  Thursday's run was for one hour and I actually ran at my prescribed zone.  I ran about 11.5 km for a nice pace of 5:09 min/km assuming my watch is somewhat correct.  Trouble was I was totally starving all day and I ate a ton of food and yup you guessed it, I gained weight the next day.  Its amazing how much faster I run when I run at my prescribe heart rate.  Go figure.

I went swimming Friday morning and had a mediocre 45 minute swim.  I really need to get back to swimming with the Masters.  I wanted to ride with Peter A Saturday morning so I moved my Saturday run to Friday afternoon.  I came home early from work and headed out in the windy afternoon.  I ran for about 14.5 km in  one hour and 15 minutes.  Not bad but my right knee was a little achy.

Tammy went running for 1:45 minutes Saturday morning which was her longest run ever.  She covered about 14.5 km.....hey that's what I ran yesterday.  After she came back, I went riding with Peter A.  I've must have been tired from yesterday's run as I was struggling to keep up.  I bought a new winter riding jacket at D'Ornellas on Friday as the temperature is beginning to get cool in the mornings and I look down right stupid riding with my running jacket that's at least one size too big.  I bought it about 20 pounds ago.  Tammy expressed her displeasure as soon as she saw it not because it cost $140 (half price) but because it was red.  Somehow she thinks I look like a clown with a red jacket, yellow helmet, and a blue bike.  At least it matches my sunglasses

Keeping it simple, we just rode up Kennedy to Davis Drive and then headed over to Mccowan and headed south.  We actually went longer than I anticipated (over two hours) but it was ok.  I was a little too warm in my new jacket as I only wore a T-shirt underneath.  We were on Mccowan Road near home when a some jackass in a SUV honked his horn just as he was beside me.  I nearly crashed and my first instinct was to chase him down.  Traffic was fairly heavy but he was weaving in and out of the lanes.  I don't know if he was honking at me but I was really pissed.  Common sense prevailed and I let him take off but he got stuck at the lights at Mccowan and 16th Ave.  I was turning left and he was a couple of cars behind me.  Looking over I got his eye and gave him a dirty look and then gave him the finger.  He looked surprised and rolled down his window and we exchanged greetings.  I yelled at him to get out of his car as I find most people think they're pretty tough when they're sitting in a car.  In hind sight, if he did get out of his car, I would have gladly challenged him in the middle of the road but getting into a fight wearing bike shoes probably wouldn't have been a good idea as I wouldn't have been able to stand at all.  He took off as the light changed yelling at me and I had to resist the urge to chase him down Mccowan and bash his window in.

Now would that be road rage or bike rage?

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