Ironman Mont Tremblant

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Ok, maybe it wasn't such a great idea to go running just wearing a T-shirt and shorts.  The temperature was a "balmy" 11 degrees but I forgot about the 20 km/hr wind.  I waited until the sun came up (around 7:15 am).   I figured I'd warm up but never really did.

It was the usual ho-hum run for 1:15 at zone 3 which worked out to be about 14.5 km but I struggled at the end.  I felt a twinge of a headache and bloated as I weighted the heaviest since beginning of January 2010.  I swear it has nothing to do with the four beers I had last night.

Tammy was talking to the coach the other day about her schedule and he mentioned Lake Placid.  I haven't really discussed LP with her as I'm not sure what to do for next year.

Typically as y'all know, that most Ironman events sell out very fast and LP is one of the more popular races.  In order to gain an entry spot most people go down to the race to register for next year's race.  If you volunteer to help the race, you get priority for registration.  So the coach rents a four bedroom house and then in turns sub-rents out to other athletics racing LP and he wanted me to take a room.  The plan is to ride the course, volunteer/watch the race and then sign up the next day.  However, as I mentioned in a  previous blog, the volunteers do get priority but they have to line up overnight to register.  I'm not sure if I really want to stand in line all night long as once upon a time ago I did that for concerts.  So does it really make sense to go down to Lake Placid when I could just try to sign up online and if that doesn't work sign up via the Community Foundation spot which costs about $1,100 US.  Feel free to voice your opinion.

I think the other thing that concerned Tammy was that we're talking about doing an Ironman in 2012 and its only October 2010.  That means two more summers of training.  I think she favors doing an Ironman next year but I pointed out that Jake will be five years old and there is a massive difference between a three year old verses a five year old.  A five year old is much more independent and doesn't need the constant attention that a three year needs (demands).  Also as another bonus, Rebecca will be almost nine years old (yikes) and can help out much more.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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