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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nuthing Going On

Not much is going on.  My calf issue is still nagging despite seeing Kevin (chiropractor) last Tuesday where he absolutely tortured my legs.  I thought I'd be ok so like a moron on Thursday I ran 15 km.  I'm not sure why I did that but within 5 km my calf begin to tighten up and was pretty much sore for the rest of the run.  Kevin said running faster would effect my calf and I sort of forgot that as it was super windy that day with wind gusts up to 40 km\hr and when I was running with the wind I was running around a 4:30 km\min pace.  Oddly enough, my calf began to ache after that pace....duh.  At least it was warm enough to wear shorts but the temperature dropped by the time I finished.

Friday's swim was pretty much uneventful as I just did some laps and then 10 x 50 @ 50 seconds with 10 seconds rest.  Swimming is definitely boring.  The pool in Stouffville is really nice but just too warm.  I'm always sweating by the time I get dressed which I always find odd.....sweating after swimming.

I decided to skip Saturday's two hour run as my calf was still sore and I'm not sure why I have a two hour run one week before the race.  So much for tapering.  Instead I decided to do strength training on both upper and lower body but concentrating on my legs.  Needless to say, both my legs are sore.  I wanted to ride outside on Sunday morning but headed up bailing as I was a little hung over from Saturday night Halloween party.  Well it wasn't so much as being hung over but rather very sleep deprived as we got home at 12:30 am and Vanessa was sick and crying for most of the night.  I wonder how long I'll be able to ride outside as it is way colder than last year at this time.  Last year I rode until the last week in November but even with my new riding jacket I might not be able to last that long this year.  Today's high was four degrees.

For this week's workout, I'll ride tomorrow morning inside, swim Tuesday, run for about 45 minutes on Wednesday to test the calf.  I think I should be ok as I will be running at a slower pace.  Which leads to the next problem of what to do with the kids for the race.  I was hoping Paul would be able to watch them but he might be tied up so its either dropping them off at my parents on the way to the race at 6:30 am and pick them up around noon, or I don't run and watch them for two and a half hours.

No word on the bike as coach is in Florida racing IMFL and will be back in two weeks and Scobie is jetting off to Vegas for some 10 hours of pain at Silverman.

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