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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Today I'm actually ditching my bike workout.  I very rarely skip workouts (unless due to injury) but I was up late last night (wow-10:30 pm) as we went downtown Toronto to watch the move Wall Street:  Money Never Sleeps.  It was a private screening by one of the companies I deal with (sort of) and Tammy had mentioned she wanted to see it, so one baby sitter later we went out.  I've had mixed feelings about this movie as the reviews haven't been very good.  The original movie is a classic and this one tries too hard to copy it.  Also the story line of the 2008/09 stock market crash is tiresome after living through it.

I don't feel all that great this morning as I have a slight headache and feel very tired.  In fact yesterday morning, as I was driving into work, I was so tired I pulled into an empty Costco parking lot and had a 10 minute snooze. I think I feel a cold coming on and my body aches so why push through an almost meaningless bike workout?

That said, I'm going golfing this morning at Angus Glen and its suppose to pour for most of the day but seeing that its a free round how can I turn this down?  There's mental toughness - golfing in the pouring rain while sick.

A salute to all those who are lucky enough to be heading to Kona for this weekend's race

Bryan Payne is already there getting ready for his return appearance 22 years later.

I entered the Kona Lottery Draw after some constant badgering. Two hundred lucky athletics throughout the world will have a chance to race against the world's best in Hawaii .  I'd be embarrassed if I won.  I'd probably be the guy staggering across the finish line at 11:59:59 pm

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