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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This Is An Expensive Sport! Part II

I read an article that Triathlons are quickly becoming the new golf. In fact the average income for an Ironman finisher is $160,000. I can see why. Yesterday, Tammy booked some rooms for Muskoka Long Course in July as well as Muskoka 70.3 in September.....six hundred dollars later, and that doesn't include other expenses like food or eating out. Seeing this is my first time up at Muskoka, we figured that it would be better to stay at Deerhurst Resort as that's where 70.3 starts and ends so there would be one less thing to worry about ie the travel to and from the race site with the kids and everything else.

Taking a page out of Scobie's idea of vacationing (go to some exotic place to have a nice vacation and oh while I'm here, I might as well enter an Ironman), I've been toying with the idea of racing Calgary 70.3 next August as Tammy's brother is expecting their first baby in December this year. So, we can combine a visit to see the new baby and a race in Calgary but I'd be a little worried about the expense and logistics of hauling three kids and my bike and gear across the country.

My schedule is ramping up and becoming more interesting. This Saturday is a 2.5 hour bike and a 20 minute transition run. By the end of July it will be up to 3 hour bike and a 30 minute transition run. Definitely will be needing a nap after that workout.
Paul was telling me about the good old days when he and Glen did 5.5 hour bike rides followed by a 90 minute run.......doh!

This morning's ride was freezing as the temperature dipped to nine degrees. I wore my cold weather gear. How depressing and its almost July 1st.

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