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Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Good Test

This morning's workout was a 2.5 hour ride (72 km) followed by 20 minute (4 km) transition run. I left the house around 5 am as I definitely did not want to ride/run in the hot sun and also because Tammy had to do her run as well.

Overall it was a pretty good workout with only some minor issues:
1) My left shoulder began to ache which was probably caused from swimming on Friday (2,000 meters in 40 minutes). Need to restart shoulder exercises
2) I began to "feel" my right hamstring so need to continue to do the hamstring exercises but not as intense as before.
3) Google maps isn't quite as accurate as I thought or more likely, I simply didn't look closely at the roads I had chosen for my route.

I basically did my regular route going north on Warden Ave but just continued north until I hit Mount Albert Road (north of Davis Drive) and headed east to Kennedy Road and south. I thought I could take it straight down back to Markham but it ended a couple of kilometers south and I turned east to Mccowan Road and headed south but that ended as well. I should have turned right but I went left and continued east but ended up at Hwy 48 which I absolutely hate riding on as the shoulder is literally one foot wide. I've seen people ride on Hwy 48 and can't figure out why they would risk their lives as traffic roars by at 100 km/hr especially since they could ride either on Mccowan or 9th Line. Morons. You don't want to end up like that triathlon
group in Quebec a couple of months ago when a truck plowed into six riders killing three of them. Anyways, I boogied home and actually got back quicker than I anticpated so I rode around up and down 16th Ave to kill some time.

Overall I was ok with the ride as the terrain was much more hillier on the way back which is a good thing for Muskoka. The transition run was fine as I felt good and know I could have ran longer than 20 minutes. I felt great and so I even cleaned by bike and lubed the chain after my workout (quick tell coach).

The only downside to Saturday's workout is that Tammy is coaching Jake's soccer at 10:30 am and by then its usually smoking hot

Oh yea, also after a long workout like today's, I'm totally starving all day and I'm pretty sure I've consumed way more than the 1,900 calories I burned

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