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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tubes Go Boom

So how is it possible to go through four inner tubes in one day? Quite simple. Over inflate them until they blow up.

Coming in from Thursday's ride my back wheel started to wobble just as I pulled up to my driveway and I had a flat tire. No problemo, I'll just change it downstairs as I always ride with two spare inner tubes. So once I changed the flat (yes I made sure the tire was rotating in the right direction), I started to pump it up when BOOM. The tire exploded. Annoyed, as I made sure that I was pumping them up to the proper pressure (120 psi). So I changed that one, pumped it up and re set the wheel. The next day, I went down to the basement and my rear tire was flat again!! What the fuck????

So I changed it again, and BOOM. That tube blew as well. I couldn't figure what was going on so I called Paul and basically we figured out that I was pinching the inner tube and it was hanging out so when I pumped it up, because it was outside of the tire (which was unnoticeable), the tube would explode.

So, what lessons are to be learned from this debacle? a) ride with more than one inner tube, b) learn how to change a flat because if this happened in a race, I easily wasted 15 minutes changing the tire and c) the importance of making sure the tube is all inside the tire and not pinched especially by the valve.

This week was a down week and on Thursday I had my first outdoor run. It was a short 30 minute run with no problems. Saturday was a 45 minute ride and a 30 minute run. I could "feel" my hamstring after today's workout. Clearly its not 100 percent healed. On both Wednesday and Friday's strength workout, I try to target the hamstring and wonder if I'm over doing it. Hopefully I can stay out of trouble as the mileage starts to ramp up in July with Muskoka Long Course which is a 15 km run.

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