Ironman Mont Tremblant

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Not much going on as Guelph Olympic is this Sunday and while my hamstring is fine, I don't have the legs to run 10 km so looks like another race bites the dust.Master swimming ended last week so I'm scrambling to find times and places to swim. On Tuesday I swam at my old pool Centennial at 6 am and I forgot how horrible it is to swim there as we were sharing the pool with the Mallards (they moved from Angus Glen) and we were stuck with swimming in one lane. This was a mess as the five swimmers were all swimming at different paces and strokes so it was impossible to build up any rhythm. After 40 minutes of screwing around, we packed it in.
Fortunately Serge was coaching the Mallards and offered us to join them at 5:30 am Tuesdays and Thursdays. We complained that we were directionless as we had no drills to do and felt lost. He promised that he would have some drills to do on Thursday.

So today, Brian joined us (just like old times) and Serge gave us 7 x 75 metres of front crawl with a pull buoy and 25 metres of legs only. This was followed by 7 x 200 metres of front crawl. What a difference from the day before as this was easily accomplished whereas Tuesday, I don't think we even swam 1,000 metres.

In lieu of running, I've been water running, which is unbelievably boring but next Monday, I start running again. I'm no longer worried about my hamstring but more my left foot as a couple of weeks ago I blocked a slap shot and it went off my foot. I did a mini run last Monday and my foot ached. Oh oh

How will I ever do an Ironman and not get injured?

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