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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ironman Blues

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The feeling of something missing in your life – Now time to do something different.
Unusual grumpiness – Tired not fully recovered.
Sadness - Like you have lost a best friend.
Bored -plently of time on your hands
Restlessness – still not ready to resume training.
Sudden mood swings - often as a result of procrastination.
Not Motivated - even to enter a favourite triathlon
The loss of any direction will result in feelings of aimlessness & despondency.
Missing the regular e mails, social support and group sessions that were part of the Ironman training culture.
Depression is a sign you have not fully recovered.

Remedy for post Ironman blues.
It is perfectly normal to feel low after the Ironman.
Avoid setting yourself goals and jumping straight back into training in the first 3 weeks. You will make much better decisions 3 weeks after finishing.
Don’t ignore feelings listen to your mind and body.
Sleep in and do not feel guilty, this is part of your reward.
Enjoy not having a target to aim for.
You are a human being not a machine so you need time to charge up your batteries.
Invest your time in other parts of your life to improve and simplify for lifestyle.
There is more to life than just training, time to catch up on things you have not been doing. Especially the things that you did not do when in training mode. Meet up with friends and family.
Be more creative at work even socialize late into the evening.
Stretch rather than train.
Rest and recover rather than stand up.
Reward yourself with a massage.
Learn to feel guilty by doing the things you abstain from while in ironman training.
Exercise can help with mood swings so do not convince yourself that lots of training will dissolve the Ironman blues.


On other news, Lance Armstrong is banned from cycling for life.  If you see him riding, knock him off his bike and yell NO!! to his face

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