Ironman Mont Tremblant

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

IMMT - Pictures

Ok, I tried to upload some video but stupid blogger won't upload.  Next post, I'll express some thoughts on Ironman in general and Mont Tremblant and of course, my race day

Pre Dawn Race Day

Seriously, did I really swim with that dumb t-shirt?

Go Dad Go

Heading Up To Lac Superior On The First Loop

Coming Down Lac Superior On The First Loop

Let Go Of Me.  I Really Need To Pee

AHHH  That Felt Good

Finish Line Party Around 11 PM

Mike Reilly - Famous Ironman Annoucer

Almost Over

The Finishing Chute

Race Over - Fireworks

My Tax Dollars Going Up In Smoke!


  1. Amazing race you had!!

    I am highly consider doing the 70.3 their next year

  2. Great to see the "man" behind the blog. Great photos, especially of your good looking son!

  3. Great pics- looks like you had a blast. Congrats!

  4. Love the pics man. Great job out there! It is a great feeling accomplishing this feat for sure!

    Congrats Ironman!