Ironman Mont Tremblant

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm Such A Moron

I went to the doctor yesterday about my foot. Every once in a while I get an inflamed big toe. I was tested for gout but sit came up negative then I went to another doctor and he said I have pseudo gout. They are very similar and equally painful. It appears out of nowhere and last several days. The pain sometimes gets so bad that I can barely walk. Usually anti-inflams do the trick and I'm back to normal in three or four days I went to my sports doctor yesterday and said, nope I don't have gout but rather it's capsule of the big toe or something like that (turf toe?). Anyways he wasn't worried at all and said I'd be able to run in a couple of days. I asked him for a prescription for anti-inflams but he gave me three boxes of free sample he had in his office. I glanced at the instructions and took some pills as I was late for a meeting. The instructions said to take 400 mg the first day and 200 mg the days after. I thought each box, which contained three pills, was 200 mg so I took two boxes yesterday (6 pills) and then another box this morning after swimming. Later in the day my foot really started to ache. I called the doctor back wondering if he could fax or email another prescription as I was out of the pills. Through his receptionist, he informed me that he gave me a seven day supply. Uh oh By dinner time my foot was killing me as it was aching and had swollen up. I filled a bucket with cold water and then dumped ice and stuck my foot in it for two hours. That did the trick as the throbbing went away but my foot was stil swollen. Tammy came home and asked why my foot was still hurting if I took the anti-inflams. I told her I used them all up and she figured I took 1,200 mg yesterday and another 600 mg today. She freaked out and called Tele-Health which are staffed by registered nurses. They strongly suggested that I go immediately to emergency and get checked out, so here I sit waiting and waiting and waiting....The funny thing is, despite the overdose of anti-inflams, my foot still hurts.


  1. Holy cow... I hope you get better soon. Glad you got it straightened out in the end.