Ironman Mont Tremblant

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

And It Continues......

So the unmentioned LBS, where I was having all my issues order a new power tap cable that connects the head to the hub as the old one is frayed and not reading properly (ie cadence 217 while watts are 30).  They ordered it on Saturday and assured me that they should get it Monday or Tuesday.  I rode Monday and Wednesday (today) without the benefit of my power tap so I had no idea about my cadence or watts.

Tuesday afternoon the LBS called me and said my parts were in and it would take 10 minutes to install.  Great!  I'll bring my bike in on Wednesday afternoon.  This morning I rode and had some minor pain in my left hamstring (never had that before) and my right knee.  Seeing that the LBS guarantees their fits for 12 months, I get my power tap fixed and refitted at the same time (note:  this would be the third fit in five days).

I get to the LBS and they informed me they have the part and will install it in a couple of minutes and then I can get fitted.  The mechanic is dealing with someone else while I'm waiting and when he's done, he walks over to my bike and picks up the part.  One look at it and says, "that's the wrong part."  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  They ordered a part for a wireless power tap.  I have a wired power tap and that's the part I need.  The wire.  Unbelievable!  I'm stunned.  Anyways they re-ordered the part and said it would be in on Friday.

With nothing else I could do, I went over and got refitted.  He dropped the seat, almost to the exact spot where it was before and removed one of the spacers.  How much difference it was from the original fit is hard for me to say but it looks pretty close.

I left my bike at the LBS with the power tap head unit on it.  I'm not riding until Saturday morning so why bother bringing it back home and then taking it down to the LBS again.  I wonder what else will go wrong (missing power tap head unit)?

For my troubles, I asked for a tune-up.  The mechanic said "he'll take care of me."  Whatever that means....


  1. Man, I am really feeling bad for you! I am feeling your pain all the way in Hawaii. I hope everything is solved by this weekend.

  2. Argh... I'd be changing bike shops about now...

  3. Bike shops.... [sigh]

    that's what forced me to:

    a. simplify my bike setups (all shimano 9 speed for example)

    b. Learn to tweak stuff myself

    good luck... hopefully they will have you back on the road soon

  4. WOW!

    Damn man, you have dealt with quite a bit w/ this ordeal. Hopefully they get it figured out. The more gadgets we get and become accustomed to training w/ the more that can go wrong. My garmin did not hold a charge at Wildflower and I was FREAKING OUT since I depend on my cadence for all my riding. Luckily it took enough charge to get me through the race.

    Good luck on this one.

  5. I can't say I got any of those problems ;)

    Fitting irrelevant - nobody can tell you how to be comfortable on the bike.